Outsourcing Reference Letters

Our competence

In today’s fast moving business world to cross international boundaries and keep one’s individual personality still adhering to specific country’s legal standards, we advise and escort HR departments to establish an individual outsourcing process. Examples include: convincing work councils and achieving a high acceptance by managers and employees.

Our efficient and accepted procedure:

Our expertise

We are experienced in various industries (e.g. chemical and pharmaceutical industry, medical services, financial sector, IT). As of 2018, we have worked on a variety of reference letters (ca. 18000) for different functions, including directors, heads of departments, managers, employees in German, English and French.

Transparency is important to us:

Your investment:



legally compliant


cost efficient

The following prices are a general description. We will provide a detailed and binding offer upon personal contact and access to scope and range of conditions.

The basic price of a reference letter follows the individual conditions and is between € 70- und € 80,-.

You can book different services to individually shape the price according to your needs: the first basic price is € 70 and includes communication and processing through a limited number of contact persons, like HR.

The second basic price of € 75 includes the communication with managers, forwarding evaluations sheets and sending reminders. move service will provide the necessary documents and tools.

An additional charge will be added for:

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